Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fortune Rice Bran Health Review

Last week I received this pouch of Fortune Rice Bran Oil with best wishes from I have been using this in my daily cooking since a week now. 

Some of the yummy dishes that I prepared using this oil are-

Dal/Lentils (for the tempering/tadka)

The researched 10 benefits of 100% rice bran oil are said to be-
*Decreases cholesterol
*Helps protect from heart disease
*Helps clean blood vessels
*Provides balanced nutrition
*Helps prevent cancer
*Helps to have better skin
*Makes nervous system healthier
*Enhances immune system
*Helps develop better normal health
*Less oily healthy food.
While most of the mentioned benefits would be visible only over a period of time, I did notice the last benefit of less oily food. Cooking oils become sticky due to oxidization during frying. But rice bran oil is said to be highly stable which keeps it non-sticky and the food absorbs less oil.
I quite enjoyed doing this review since I had to do what I always enjoy doing. Cooking great food and eating!!

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