Friday, April 13, 2012

Egg Cups - Guest Post

Eggs are so versatile and at the same time a complete meal. It is one item that you can experiment with in so many ways to get your kids to have them, or even to add variety to the school lunch. When Christy asked me to be a guest at her blog My Kitchen Flavours, I prepared these very simple egg cups for her readers. Prepare them in an Aebleskiver or a paniyaram pan.

Egg Cups
3 small eggs
Olive oil

Heat the aebleskiver/ paniyaram pan. Lightly grease it with oil.
Break the eggs one by one very gently into the cups.
Keep the flame minimum and cover with a lid.
When the egg is fully cooked, slowly release it with a spoon from the edges.
Season with salt and pepper and serve hot with toasts.


  1. Oh god, this is mouthwatering!!! Just looking at your picture, I can almost taste the brie melting into my mouth

  2. Your photography is always so stunning! :)

  3. Looks Yummy...
    Does one egg fill one hole? My such tawa is small. Also does the egg cook fully especially the yellow part?

  4. Completely easy to make and taste good as well... egg with olive oil, what are you going to expect?

    Made some for the kids and they love it. That's everything that matters.



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