Thursday, December 23, 2010

Aloe Wine

Cheers!.. Wishing you a Blessed and Healthy Christmas!
Are you surprised with the title?
The health benefits of Aloe Vera species of onion lily group, is very difficult to contain in any single post. We have been growing this species in all households of our family and use it for healing burns, scars, cuts and a lot more. But doubtlessly  the use of Aloe in wine is simply the best! I got this recipe from my elder sis who has been preparing it over the years. The recipe by itself would sound simple to you, but cleaning the leaves and cutting the teeth is time consuming, the rest is easy.

1kg aloe
1kg jaggery

  • Wash clean the aloe leaves and cut of the teeth on the sides. Then cut into 1 inch bits.
  • Throw into a wine jar and throw in roughly chopped jaggery. Close the lid tightly.
  • Date the wine. Stir the mixture everyday for a week. Leave to ferment for 41 days from the day of preparation.
  • Open and stir the wine and strain into a bottle with a muslin cloth.
  • Cheers!


  1. cheers,shirley!merry christmas and a happy new year!

  2. This looks very good. All I could think of when I saw the title was the aloe vera gel I have in the cabinet for when I burn myself. Don't think that would work very well! :)

  3. Happy holidays Shirley! One of my friends loves to drink aloe juice...I'm sure he would love this recipe! I'll pass it on.

  4. Very neat! I really like aloe juice. It's so refreshing. Thanks for this recipe. I'll have to try this out too.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Cheers! Happy Holidays to you and your entire family!
    I never tried aloe juice but I guess it's good. :)

  6. Heard of aloe but never heard of this drink. Wonder how it tastes like. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a great 2011!

  7. Thanks for a very interesting recipe! Just got some jaggery and will try it out soon. Would the same recipe work with guava fruit also?

  8. Hi there, I started a batch yesterday. Today, all the jaggery has melted I to liquid. But the liquid tastes very bitter. I understood your instructions as cut the teeth on the side and then cut the leaves without removing the skin into 1 inch bits. Is this correct? I am wondering if I should have removed the skin.



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