Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ela Ada/ Rice Dumpling In A Leaf

Ela Ada- ela means leaf and ada could be translated as dumpling I think. A classic Keralite dish.
This is mostly steamed in banana leaves, but I prefer the tumeric leaves. The aroma of the tumeric leaf while this dumpling is being steamed is simply lovely. The other reason being I only need to pluck the leaves from my tumeric plant in my kitchen garden.

For the dough-
2cups fine rice flour
1/2tsp salt
boiling water
For filling-
grated coconut
grated jaggery
cardamom powder

  •  Pour boiling water into the rice flour and stir with the straight end of a spoon.
  • Collect the dough together. It does not require much handling.
  • Wash the leaves clean and pat dry. You can either use the entire leaf if its small or cut it into half.
  • Dip your fingers in some water and spread the dough on the leaf, place the filling in the center.

  • Fold it across and press the edges to seal. Make sure you seal well else the jaggery will melt and ooze out when it is being steamed.

  • After steaming peel open the leaf and serve hot.

  • If you use the entire leaf your dumpling will look like this.
  • Or you can slice it and make it fancy for the picky eater. Makes a sweet dish for the school lunch as well.

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  1. looks so pretty and delicious!ela and ada are the names for the girls in romania!

  2. I also have a tumeric plant in my garden. Never knew it could be used for steaming, thought only banana leaves. What's jaggery by the way! Your recipe is easy enough to try, Shirley. I can substitute the filling, right? Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a lovely and elegant dish you have for us today.
    Great work ♥

  4. I've never seen full-on turmeric leaves before! what an interesting dish.

  5. OMG, these r sooooo cute! I'm sure they taste as good as they look :)

  6. That's a very beautiful dish. Now I know how to make use of my turmeric plant in my garden. Thanks :)

  7. What an interesting recipe! I would try some of these! :)

  8. Oh! I love everything that uses rice flour Shirley, these little treats are great!

  9. My mom used to make this using Vayana leaf (am not sure of the English name for this leaf though, if you know please let me know) Never tried in tumeric leaf, that's great that you have it in your garden.

  10. Thas,
    Vayana ela is malabathrum
    I have a post ready on that too, will be posting it soon. Usually kumbalappam is made in that, while ada is made in banana leaves.



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