Monday, March 14, 2011

Veg Cheese Sandwhich

Sandwhiches are always popular with kids. Here's an easy to whip up veg-cheese sandwhich, which can be used for breakfast, snack time or school lunch time.
I've used an electric sandwhich toaster, since they seal the edges very well. Kids always have a tough time when the fillings drop out and they cant manage. With this method they have no reason to complain.

3 medium sized potatoes
1 large tomato
fresh cilantro/coriander
1/2 onion(optional)
3/4cup grated cheese
Wholemeal bread slices

  • Boil, peel and mash the potatoes. Grate the tomato and onion. Chop fine the cilantro leaves.
  • Mix these ingredients, add salt and pepper.
  • Fill in the stuffing on a slice of bread, add a layer of grated cheese and close. Slightly butter the outsides and toast in a sandwhich toaster.
  • Enjoy hot crisp sandwhiches!


  1. Nice & simple for the kids! Aren't we lucky? Still be able to enjoy our perfect meal daily. Just imagine the people in Japan. Such a horrible thing happening to them. Now, radio active some more! Hopefully, everything will be going to back to normal again soon. God bless!
    Best regards, Kristy

  2. thanks for dropping sandwich is absilutly fab....I'm sure mu kid would love it too :-) happy to follow your blog !

  3. A great one for a lunch box!

  4. a perfect sandwich any time of year!



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