Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Puttu is a South Indian and Sri Lankan breakfast dish of steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut. It is a popular in the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as in areas of Sri Lanka, where it is also known as pittu. Puttu is served with side dishes such as chickpea curry or banana.

Though the recipe for this classic is not elaborate one needs to master the art from another to know the required texture of the flour and how to place the layers in the puttu maker.

This is the traditional puttu maker.

2cups roasted rice flour
Salt to taste
Grated coconut

  • Sprinkle water into the rice flour and work with fingers, till it reaches the required texture. 
  • Spoon in some grated coconut at the bottom of the puttu maker, then layer the wet rice flour, another layer of grated coconut when you've come halfway through, some more rice flour and another layer of coconut right at the top.
  • Close with the lid and steam.

  • When its done use the stick to push the puttu out.

  • Serve on a banana leaf.
You can also use this mould which can give you a single serving.

An Enriched version of puttu can include whole wheat flour, and finger millet.

Which version do you prefer?


  1. I've never heard of this dish, but with the coconut, it sounds delicious. I'm not a fan of rice pudding because of the texture, so I think that using rice flour is a perfect way around this. Many thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. This looks somewhat like the puttu mayam that we get here. Yes, one needs skill to make this puttu!

  3. yes we make it the same way :)
    deliciously done

  4. This is so cool, my mum's neighbour is from Tamil Nadu and she used to make this for breakfast and send some across to us years ago. I'd never seen how it was made. Now I know :)

  5. This looks very interesting, I don't think I have ever seen this. Must be so fun to make.

  6. Wow Shirley, this is totally new to me...coconut and roasted rice flour.
    Hope you are having a great week and thanks for sharing such an interesting recipe :-)

  7. wow...awesome presentation your space more..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  8. Luvly and healthy Steamed Riceflour luks all set to present a filling breakfast.Yummo!.Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Shirley,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. I've never heard of this before. It looks and sounds quite interesting. I'm a big fan of coconut so I know I'd like this. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hello Shirley, I’m Back From Finland, Arriving With Mr Angry Bird!

    Thks for introducing me to the puttu making machine! I only know how to eat. Hahaha! Love it!

  11. Happy to see a traditional Sri Lankan food,In Sri Lanka we call it 'Pittu'...looks tasty!!

  12. How much is one serving of puttu? Ie if I make one kutti of puttu - how many grams is it approximately ?



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