Monday, February 23, 2015

Homemade spinach and cheese ravioli

This month for my Secret Recipe Club I was assigned Sarah's blog Curious Cusiniere.
I truly enjoyed going through many of her recipes as I found it very difficult to make up my mind. Sarah has a very versatile repertoire fanning across cuisines. I finally chose to prepare her latest dish Homemade ravioli with spinach and cheese. The only change I made was to substitute the flour with whole wheat.  I served it with almond basil pesto sauce. To my delight I managed to use homegrown spinach, basil and parsley. To be truthful all of it was devoured immediately after the picture was taken. Do check out Sarah's blog for more.
Homemade Ravioli with Spinach and Cheese
31/2 cups whole wheat flour
6 eggs
For filling
1/2 cup chopped fresh spinach
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2tsp oregano
1/2 tsp parsley
Salt to taste

  • Place the flour in a bowl, make a well in the centre. Crack the eggs into the well.
  • Mix well and knead to a dough.
  • Roll the dough on a well floured surface. 
  • Place the stuffing in intervals and fold across.
  • Seal and cut edges.
  • Cook the ravioli in water till it floats
  • Serve with almond basil pesto.
  • Enjoy!


  1. You can't go wring with pasta and especially ravioli! I love the look of this, Karen

  2. I am so impressed with your homemade pasta. It looks fabulous. Happy Reveal Day!

  3. Oh yumm - that looks WONDERFUL! I still have yet to make pasta at home, I really need to give it a try. Happy reveal day!

  4. Wow, home made ravioli with home grown spinach! Now that is a real first class blog post!

    I haven't made pasta from scratch for a loooong time... should get to it at some point... ;-)

  5. I love spanch and cheese ravioli! In fact, it's the very first thing I ever made for my husband when we were dating. I must say, I cheated and used wonton wrapper - still do! One of these days I'll be brave enough to make pasta dough from scratch.

  6. They look did a great job. Good choice for this month

  7. So glad you liked the recipe! Your almond pesto sounds amazing!

  8. This is one of my favorite ravioli combinations. Love that you make it from scratch. It turned out beautiful!

  9. What a wonderfully simple filling! Great pick this month :)

  10. Yum, love homemade ravioli! Almond basil pesto sounds perfect. Jealous of you being able to use homegrown produce!

  11. I've never made pasta from scratch. You make it sound pretty simple! And delicious!!

  12. You make it sound so easy, so it always looks harder to make your own pasta on TV!

  13. Oh how wonderful is this!? Fantastic pick this month - I love that you picked one that involved making pasta from scratch. SO much better than bought !!

  14. Home grown spinach? You go, girl! Wonderful SRC pick this month! Sorry it took me so long to get here to comment.



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