Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day-Burst of Cranberries

Today on the occassion of Valentine's Day when the world celebrates love, I have a very special guest- Kelly Parr from Fresh Encounter Body, Soul, Spirit. Kelly and her husband were missionaries in the South East Asia region for 15 years. They lived in Malaysia and travelled throughout teaching and now reside back in their home state of Missouri.
When I first felt led to invite Kelly to do a guest post for Valentine's Day, I felt it was unfair. Unfair because she is on a 40 days fast. So I thought to myself "how can I ask her to do a guest post on food when she is fasting?" But I felt so strongly about it that I did go ahead and ask her, and she so willingly complied!
Personally I am amazed at her strength. I am not even close to the word "fasting". Do visit her blog for a "fresh encounter of body, soul and spirit" and enjoy the recipe Kelly shares with us with a very powerful message!.....
Believe it or not, today is Day 39 of my “Body and Soul” cleanse and I am overwhelmed with a craving for … something sweet, nutty, and chewy but yet really crunchy! Ever had that craving?
For me, when these cravings occur especially during a fast (and especially knowing I have only ONE more day left)… these cravings are usually followed by intense stomp my foot kind of emotions ! This foot stompin emotion only shows me what the little girl within really needs – LOVE!

Maybe you are not craving for something sweet, nutty, chewy and crunchy like I am today, but since it is Valentine’s Day, perhaps you are! Or maybe… just maybe what you are really craving for is not food at all? It’s a crave that we all have in common– a craving for LOVE! Whether we are married, single, divorced, widowed, old or young - we long to be -loved. We were not only created for love but we were created by Love and if this craving for love is not met… we tend to seek for love in all the wrong places only to realize that nothing satisfies; nothing fills our craving for pure love.
  • A love that gives and doesn’t take
  • A love that is expressed in word, thought and action
Today I want to introduce to you a double blessing - one that can satisfy our emotional craving for food - my “Burst of Cranberries”! The other blessing is one that satisfies to the very core of our being– Gods unconditional love! Only God’s love can fill and satisfy our deepest longing to be loved. You were created for love – to receive love. We cannot give love away that we are not comfortable with or that we first have not received ourselves.

So let’s take a few moments this special Valentine’s Day and as you open your mouth to pop one of these sweet, nutty, and chewy “Burst of Cranberries” in … open your heart and receive and infilling of God’s love - His perfect love that loves us unconditionally!
He’s waiting!
PS. Oh yea... I almost forgot to leave you the recipe!

BURST of Cranberries
1 ½ cups raw almonds & cashews
1 cup medjool dates seeded
¼ cup dried coconut
  • Pulse ingredients in a food processor
  • Add a squeeze of fresh lemon
  • A drizzle of honey for sweetener
  • 1 tbl coconut oil1 tsp vanilla
  • Pulse a bit more(Don’t over pulse or it will turn into nut butter!)
  • Form into bite size balls
  • Roll balls into a mixture of:blended dried cranberries & dried coconut


  1. Wow... incredible message, and incredible recipe'!
    This message makes me want to know God more intimately! He is good, faithful, and perfect in love. I want to not only know about His perfect love, I want to experience it! Thank you for your heart on this Valentines Day! Your husband is a lucky man!


  2. What a great raw recipe. Thanks for the wonderful message Kelly. I hope I can join you on your fast soon. Thanks for the guest post, Shirley. God loves us unconditionally.

  3. I simply love this post!
    This post has made me completely crunchy, munchy within.
    Shirls you do a great job while introducing the guests, I went through Kelly's blog and was impressed with her insights on emotional, behavioural and physical aspects of living.
    Kelly, I love the element of love which is a part of everything you do.
    God bless.

  4. Bob... your wife is a lucky woman! :)
    Divina... if you are going to join me you better start now as tomorrow is my last day! :)

  5. Great post, Mom! Love you more than you know! :)

  6. Great post, Kelly! Hope you had a fulfilling V-Day!!
    You, too, Shirley! ;)

  7. looks great thanks for the links Shirley always learn something new from you lol Rebecca

  8. I am always craving something sweet nutty delicious and these raw donut holes would definitely do the trick. Especially with the I love cranberries.

    What a gorgeous post! It definitely put me in the V-Day spirit which is that love, whether it be among friends, family, or significant others, is really the most important thing to cherish. Beautiful.

  9. Thanks for the guest post with the afirmations of love.

  10. These are such delicious treats! Excellent recipe!

  11. I just wrote you a note and it seems to have disappeared. Wanted to tell you, I love this and think it would wake me up.

    Chaya without the Indian name

  12. Lovely message and lovely recipe....double blessing!

  13. Nice post :-) Thanks for the message and the recipe.

  14. Wow Shirley this post was 7 years ago and still makes my mouth water! I just came across it today. Funny as I am in the middle of a fast now and so it was a great reminder for me to read it again! :) I trust you are doing well!



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