Thursday, October 6, 2011

Carribean Fry Bakes (Maths with Kids in the Kitchen)- Guest Post

With great pleasure I introduce to you a very special guest- Caroline Mukisa from the Maths Insider blog. Caroline Mukisa is a mom of 2 preteens and 2 preschoolers. When not baking with her tribe, she runs the Maths Insider website where she shares tips and advice to help parents painlessly support their children's math learning. Caroline is an engineer, turned Maths teacher, turned kumon instructor, turned full time mom.
I happened to chance upon Caroline's blog when I was searching for resources to make maths fun for Joel. At Maths Insider I found not just a treasure trove of maths resources and tips, but I experienced a change of attitude as a parent towards teaching Maths. I simply love her  DIY Guide to faster times tables where she not only tells you 'how to', but even considers the learning style of the child! Be sure to check out Maths Insider blog for yourself.
Caroline, I am honoured to have you as guest and its simply a delight to see your kids enjoy as they prepare this dish!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ginger Applesauce- Kids in the Kitchen

It is truly intriguing to understand the mind of a little child who is exploring the world of books and the joys of reading. There is so much wonder and awe to discover a world full of imagination and to realize that he can now understand it. Reading skills are truly empowering to a child. 


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