Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Choco-Dates Compound Butter

Compound butters (French: "Beurre composĂ©") are mixtures of butter and supplementary ingredients. Primarily, they are used to enhance flavor in various dishes, in a fashion similar to a sauce.

Compound butters can be sweet or savoury. I ventured into compound butters thanks to a challenge by Natasha from 5Star Foodie. Its by far the simplest recipe I've blogged about till date. No cook, no bake, just mix, roll, chill, cut and use. I decided to make mine sweet and I did enjoy it. My kids think its chocolate.

Special thanks to Mary Ann who is always ready to answer my queries on nutrition.

No proportions for this one, just follow your taste-buds.

Choco-Dates Compound Butter
Unsalted butter
Cocoa powder
Icing sugar
Chopped dates

  • Bring the butter to room temperature.
  • Combine all the ingredients well.

  • Place the mixture into a cling film and roll into desired shape. I chose to use a triangular shape to get more of a chocolate effect.
  • Chill.
  • When its half set, press wedges with the side of a spoon. This will make it easier to slice into proportions when you want to use it.

  • When its fully set remove the cling film, slice and serve over a toast.



  1. Wow shirley, you're a genius! Chocolate-Date butter sounds awesome. Absolutely irresistible!

  2. I love the chocolate date combination, very unique! Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Shirley,I like what you did with the shape. It adds another dimension (no pun intended) to something that already looks good. Hmmm? My mind is working. Here's a bit of a challenge. Try forming it into squares, rectangles, etc., to teach your kids shapes.

  4. That looks very delicious on toast or biscuits.

  5. That has to be the healthiest butter out there! Love the dates.

  6. drop by my blog and pick up your award Shirley

  7. Very creative, this sure looks like chocolate.

  8. oh wow this is very cool, I normally add coriander on top but I had run out lol

  9. I always think of compound butter as savory but never with sweet. I'm sure everyone would love this.

  10. Hey, the compound butter looks cute, must taste great on toasts!

  11. This looks AMAZING! Brilliant idea :)

  12. Shirley u have an amzing blog and i love all ur goodies galore .....this chocolate butter is sure super luscious and eliciously evry corner here oozing with eliciousness ...and that white cheese cake is super too...
    A sparkly twinkly super day to ya .....



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