Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am excited to anounce my first giveaway! What do you think it is?
Here's a lovely Yoghurt maker from CSN stores which operates many online stores that sell everything from mailboxes to cookware.
Here's how to win-
  1. This giveaway will be mailed only to the US and Canada due to shipping restrictions. However all readers can participate to send a gift to a friend, or relative or a fellow food blogger who resides in the US or Canada.
  2. You have to be a follower of Enriching Your Kid! either via a reader or mail or google or networked blogs. So if you havent signed up please do.
  3. Post a comment below telling me how you like to have your yoghurt or how do you use it in your recipes.
  4. This opportunity is open till the 19th of March. The winner will be chosen randomly and anounced on the 21st of March.
Sounds good?


  1. This sounuds like a great item to have as your first giveaway! I would love a yogurt maker. I eat Greek yogurt on a regular basis, but it's expensive! This would be a great alternative.

  2. I like to make tzadziki or even Labneh with yogurt.

  3. My guess was an ice cream maker, but it turned out to be a healthy yogurt maker, interesting.
    I love yogurt, from plain yogurt to flavored yo plaits to mango-yogurt lassi to raita to adding yogurt for marinating tandoori and while making curries, the list is love yogurt.

    I am already following you, so I am eligible for this giveaway and hoping to win this one, fingers crossed :)

  4. Wow, I've been dreaming of a yogurt maker but can only be delivered in US or Canada. I love my yogurt with berries and other fruits, as a dipping sauce and to finish a dish.

  5. Wow Shirley, this is a fantastice giveaway ever! A yogurt maker! Too bad,I'm out of the region. However, have fun!
    Cheers always,

  6. How do I use yogurt? Let me count the ways. In and on cereal, with fruit, as a base for marinades and sauces, definitely tzadziki. Mustn't forget paneer. Or on potatoes, in rice, on pasta. Frozen is scrumptious.

  7. This sounds great! I usually eat yogurt with either blackberries or blueberries. I also love to keep fruit salad on hand which of course I use yogurt.

  8. Hi! I'm already following your blog! I like my Yogurt like ice cream. My favorite one is yogurt with strawberries.

  9. Awesome giveaway! I love to use yogurt in smoothies!

  10. Oh this is so fun! I've never tried making yogurt at home but it sounds so fun! Yogurt is great in smoothies or ice cream. :) I love the peach yogurt. Yum! (I'm already a follower!)

  11. Whoa this is such a cool giveaway! I am totally a follower!

    I love yogurt in baked goods or as a mayo replacement or just as a midday snack!

  12. Looks great! I'd love one! We like our yogurt with lots of fresh fruit and granola!

  13. Shirley great idea and I'm in the US region too! whoo hoooo! sorry Divina :(
    I like to put yogurt in my smooties and I'm a good follower of you! :)

  14. well, I love yoghurt..I'd love to be able to make my own. great giveaway Shirley!of course the way I use my yoghurt is in raita and also I love to make sirkhand with it!

  15. Yes, anyone an enter the contest you entry counts thanx for entering. I like my yogurt with granola and berries on top it can be any flavor but it has to have fruit on the bottom. It's also good when making homemade so Ice cream so I would love to win the yogurt maker!!!

  16. I became a follower!

    I love yogurt! We eat yogurt all the time to keep all the good bacteria balanced in our digestive systems. It works great to help everything were better including reflux! Who would have thought something so delicious could be so good for the body!?!

    Thanks for letting me know about your site!

  17. yogurt has become a family favorite, we use it in smoothies, by itself and we also like to mix it up with fresh fruits. I've never tried a yogurt maker. Would love to win this.

    I'm a feed reader (orange Rss thing at the top)

  18. Hi Shirley! Great blog. I loved the sweet potato paratha recipe. I love sweet potatoes. They can also be mixed with mashed boiled rajma and used to fill rotis or crepes (with kothmir, lime, cumin, etc to season). While I love yoghurt, my boys are allergic to milk. Any idea how to make yoghurt using soy milk, rice milk or coconut milk?

  19. I follow GFC! & I love mixing my yogurt with granola and dipping fruit pieces in it! <3


  20. I am officially a follower to Enriching Your Kid now.:)
    I did not even know that there was such a thing as a yoghurt maker, how cool.:)
    We use yoghurt in so many things but mainly in in smoothies, with fruit, granola or eaten plain with just a bit of honey for sweetness.
    What an awesome giveaway. Thanks!:)

  21. i am an email subscriber. i like my yogurt with granola!
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  22. I love my yogurt with fresh fruit of any kind.
    following you now on FB & reader



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