Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple Bread Pudding

I've come a long way since I posted my first bread pudding. In this version, I've  substituted sugar for jaggery a very healthy option. The apple gives a fruity kick(besides keeping the doctor away). Of course I have only used brown bread, in case you still havent converted to brown, here's why you should.
This can also be sent as part of a school lunch. Avoid the nuts and you can also give it to baby as weaning foods.

1 1/2 cup milk
2 cups bread pieces
2 eggs
1 cup cubed apple
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/2cup grated jaggery
1tsp salted butter(optional)
chopped cashew nuts
1/4 tsp cinnamon/nutmeg/cardamom/cloves powder

Preparation- Cut up bread pieces into cubes, from crusts or corners that you've kept aside from sandwhiches. !
  • Pour the milk in a dish, add the bread cubes, eggs, jaggery, apple cubes and coconut milk. Use a fork to lightly mix. Leave to soak for half an hour.  
  • Add the melted butter and cinnamon/nutmeg/cardamom powder.  
  • Grease a mould and pour in . Sprinkle raisins and chopped nuts.  
  • Bake in pre-heated oven at 160C for 25 mins.  
  • Stand for 10 mins , then cool.  
  • Serve warm or chilled. 
Enjoy anyways


  1. Shirley, miss your baking alot! ^_^ Your cake mould looks very pretty too. Looking forward for more from your kitchen. Have a great day

  2. Beautiful pudding! Looks healthy and delicious.

  3. I adore a good bread pudding and with this apple twist! I'm really in love.

  4. Your pudding looks yummy and the mould is cute. My neighbour just gave me some banana bread pudding for tea!

  5. Hi Shirley, I love this recipe and the shape of the pudding, lovely.
    I already have the rest of the ingredients, except brown bread, can I use wheat bread?

  6. Hi Shirley, The pudding recipe looks good. I'm working on ways to up the calcium and protein for a client. The following suggestion is something I've used successfully in a variety of recipes. For each cup of milk need in a recipe, mix it with 1/3 cup (or per package directions for amount) of instant non-fat powdered milk. It almost doubles the protein and calcium.

  7. What's jaggery? Your bread pudding looks fantastic. I love the use of apples and you're right; the tartness would be wonderful to bite into in here.

  8. looks wonderful ,shirley!i love your mould and the recipe for pudding is so friendly...except jaggery...i will looking for some explanations right now!:))

  9. Drool worthy! I've all the ingredients for making this, what am I waiting for? Gonna make this soon...

  10. This is just on time Shirley . The other day my dd was asking me to make some bread pudding . I was nt that enthusiastic as I dont like my pudding that much . It doesnt come out well .

    I think where i go wrong is I didnt leave it to saok . Will try this out .



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