Monday, March 9, 2015

Hibiscus Popsicle- Beat the Heat

My kids love to pluck the hibiscus flowers at the farm. The red hibiscus bush is almost 7 feet tall and fully loaded. While surrounded with all the flowers my mind was busy cooking up something. We tried a hibiscus coolant and Popsicle.

500ml water
Sugar to sweeten
7 hibiscus flowers
1 lemon juice
2 cardamoms crushed


  • Dissolve the sugar in the water and heat to boiling point.
  • Take off the heat , tear the flowers into the syrup and let it steep overnight.
  • In the morning spoon off the petals, add lemon juice and cardamom.
  • Heat up the mixture again, stirring well.
  • Cool and fill up in bottles and chill for a refreshing drink.
  • Or fill up Popsicle moulds.
  • Enjoy!

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