Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cheese Paratha

Another Cheese Delight simple, nourishing and tasty. You can make the paratha with grated cheese only. If you use only cheese be careful not to over stuff the paratha. When the cheese melts, there is a tendency to ooze out if its over stuffed.


For stuffing

1 cheese cube grated

1 small carrot grated

pepper powder.

For roti

1cup wheat flour

water to mix

pinch of salt


  • Mix the grated cheese, grated carrot and pepper powder well. Keep aside.

  • Mix flour and water to prepare dough.

  • Roll out 2 rotis. Spread the stuffing evenly on one roti.

  • Place the other roti over it and press the edges firmly.

  • Heat girdle and fry both sides.

  • Top with butter or ghee and serve hot.

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