Monday, March 8, 2010

Homemade Jelly- Beat the Heat

With your responses to my post on Pineapple-Barley Squash I realised that many of you are trying to "Beat the Heat" with full-blown summer in your side of the world as well. So I decided to do a "Beat the Heat" series to fall back on a collection of chilled desserts and drinks.

Ever tried to take a picture of Jelly? It seems to wobble forever! My kids had fun poking it and watching it wobble. And I am feeling quite good at being successful at my first try at homemade jelly.

25gms gelatine
3-4tbs rose syrup/cordial
3-4 tbs honey(according to taste)
3cups water

  • Heat the water in a dish, add the rose syrup and stir well.
  • When the water boils, add honey and the gelatine and stir well. Take off the heat.
  • Keep stirring till you can no longer see any gelatine crystals.
  • Pour into mould and let it set.
  • Once it cools completely, chill.
  • Your jelly is ready to serve!

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  1. What a fabulous dessert, very refreshing for sure!

  2. such a delicious your jelly beat!wonderful desert!

  3. wow...jelly with ice cream.. such bliss on such hot hot dayS!

  4. Wow....beautiful jelly with ice cream. I'm going to indulge in this when summer comes...yum

  5. My mom used to make a frozen jello cake that was infused with ice was lovely. this looks so delicious! I wish I were trying to beat the heat instead of survive the cold!

  6. OH dear, you just cooling off my day with these wonderful combo! I like rose syrup very much. So aromatic! Yummm....

  7. Wow, this is perfect for the coming the idea of making your own gelatin with rose syrup, and love the combination with ice cream :-)

  8. I can imagine the delicate flavor of rosewater in this jelly. How clever!

  9. oh yum havn't had jelly in years must make some for Jasmine

  10. Shirley... your posts are always so much fun to receive!Very creative too! Appreciate you and perhaps one day we can meet face to face!

  11. What a wonderful combination of the jelly and ice cream in that bowl, looks the only thing missing is my big spoon!

  12. that looks great! such a pretty shape too!

  13. Love easy to make, difficult to get wrong, comfy, familiar....delicious. With ice-cream...I'm transported to my childhood! We also used to have it with condensed milk....

  14. chk recipe page..added ur site :)..good site, delicious stuff, Congrats !!



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