Thursday, August 11, 2011

Watermelon Wheatgrass Drink

A simple refreshing nutritious drink to begin the day with!

2 cups watermelon cubed
1/2cup apple cubed
6-7 strands of wheatgrass shredded
dash of honey


  • Juice the apple and wheatgrass. Then add the watermelon.
  • Add a dash of honey and enjoy.
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  1. Healthy and refreshing drink. So good if I've a cup of this to beat the heat here.

  2. What a healthy and hydrating way to start the day!

  3. A wonderful healthy drink, perfect for the summer!

  4. A really refreshing drink indeed ... wish I can have some.

  5. Sounds like a healthy and refreshing drink! I would love to have some.

  6. Re: Wheatgrass Juice
    Our family fascination for wheatgrass started when in year 2006 we went to Book Fair at IIFT, Delhi to buy children books for our 3 year old daughter. By chance we got hold of a book form Navneet Publication “Panacea on the Earth - Wheat Grass Juice”. Being into Acupressure, Pranayama – Yoga Breathing and healthy eating, a glance through the first few pages of the book were enough to buy it. This is how our journey to experiences and experimentation with wheatgrass started.
    We started exploring it on internet and were impressed by miraculous medicinal properties of wheatgrass. Soon we want to grow it in our house in Delhi. We tried to understood the whole process of soaking wheat to germinating it and growing it on small soil filled tray and harvesting it at eight days when wheatgrass is at its nutrients best.
    Once we had the idea we decided to take the plunge and arrange for the things needed for growing the wheatgrass in our house in Delhi. After research we settled for fresh plastic round tray with 2 inch wall and we found it with little effort in weekly Hatt bazaar, a market so common in Delhi. Now we wanted to have soil and organic manure and we got it from local nursery in Delhi. Thankfully it was Winters in Delhi when the temperature is more or less between 10 to 25 Degree Centigrade’s which is ideal for growing of wheatgrass.
    We had been sprouting Cereals so germinating wheatgrass by soaking it overnight and then leaving it tied in a cloth for germination was easy. After germination we carefully place wheat grain sprouts on 1/3 soil filled tray so that it covers all the top soil without any gap. We prepared 2 trays every day till eight day. By eight day our wheatgrass was about 6 inches plus and ready to harvest. Wow we had our own home grown wheatgrass in Delhi. We continue to grow and harvest it our house in Delhi till end of March. By end of March in Delhi the temperature starts going above 25 Degree Centigrade’s and yield per tray goes down. In few weeks the yield was so low that we stopped growing it altogether.
    But that didn’t stop us from regularly consuming wheatgrass juice as we switched to Girmes Wheatgrass, the India oldest producer and exporter of wheatgrass. We are still with Girmes wheat grass due to its advantages over home grown grass. In city like Delhi it difficult to find chemical free soil and manure and Delhi air pollution make matter even worse. So even if there little less active enzymes in Wheat grass powder but it being certified organic product, it has more health benefits without any side effects.
    We are consuming it for 4 years now and have recommended it to many people in Delhi. We found that people appreciated wheatgrass therapeutic properties and they recommended it to their friends and family in Delhi.
    You can visit Experiences with Growing wheatgrass in Delhi. for mor insight on Wheatgrass.

  7. A little bit of everything....looks yummy.

  8. Shirley, I think I should try planting my own wheatgrass some day. They are pretty healthy and it's good for any age.

  9. Healthy and refreshing drink, visit my space whenever time permits..



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