Monday, November 8, 2010

Chocolate Panacotta

We were shopping for groceries and Jo kept himself busy with the TV in the kid's corner. Here's where he saw batman for the first time. So on our way back...

Jo- Mama I saw a superhero.
Me- ok
Jo- He had a mask, and a long scarf on his shoulder.
Me-thats a cape, not a scarf.
Jo- He had gloves and boots
Jo- And he wore a panty with a belt on top of it. Thats all.
Me- There's a body suit, that covers all over.
Jo- No. There's just a panty with a belt on top. That's all.
Now you know what Jo wears when he pretends to be Batman!

It was my Batman's inspiration to put the chocolate chips in the panacotta. Panacotta is his favourite dessert, actually anything chocolate would do for him.

Serves 6
2cups cream
11/2tsp unsweetened cocoa
condensed milk to sweeten
11/4tbs heaped gelatine
chocolate chips.
  • In half cup warm water dissolve the gelatine and keep aside.
  • Combine well cream, condensed milk and cocoa and heat.
  • Stir well, when the mixture reaches boiling point add the dissolved gelatine and stir well.
  • After a minute take off the heat and cool.
  • Pour in mould, adding chocolate chips and freeze till it sets.
  • Serve chilled.
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  1. i like panna cotta ,and the chocolate panna cotta especially!and i love your little batman,he is so expressive!

  2. That chocolate cup was looking Delicious

  3. This looks so perfect! Cute kid too - he's clearly a panna cotta lover.

  4. What a great recipe and a very cute little boy!!!

  5. Aww what a cutie! And what a great idea!

  6. The Panna Cotta looks yummy. I'mw ith Jo, anything chocolate, BTW: Jo makes a great Batman! Such a winning smile.

  7. Well done Batman, you really know what`s good.
    I love his big dark eyes and what a great smile ♥

  8. What a cute picture! And the recipe sounds delicious.

  9. I've always wondered why these superheroes do put their panties over their leotards (Superman does too, you know). I'm not complaining you understand, just wondering.

    Your panna cotta is gorgeous. I'm not a chocolate fan, but since I'm outnumbered at home, I'm sure this will be on the list of desserts to make. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Shirley, your boy looks so cute! haha.... So, you should get him a red panty (for superman) & the black one is for batman... haha.... I think most of the kids are the same. Arrr... so this panna cotta is for our superhero. lol! Have a great day.

  11. Another Shirley!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Anything chocolate would do for me a well. :) The panna cotta looks particularly good.

  12. Looks super Shirley :). Where do you pick up gelatine from, I have never used it and not sure which one to start with.



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