Saturday, March 13, 2010

Falooda- Beat the Heat!

In our home Falooda is the top ranking Beat the Heat drink/dessert
Hubby and I are addicted to Falooda and what's better than preparing your own. One hot day when we were out on errands and shopping we stopped at a Cool bar for Falooda. We were so disappointed,- it was too sweet, the jelly was too thick and there was sago used. We usually relish Falooda, but after having that version I didnt want to have Falooda for sometime.

Here's my version to share with you, but dont forget to garnish with some chopped nuts. I was in a mighty hurry to photograph this one. My little girl loves Falooda, she can gulp it all down in one go. So I had to prepare this while she was napping in order to click a picture. At the age of 2 she does not understand why something that looks so good needs to be photographed, instead of devoured. Often she is so impatient as I try to take a picture of my food, that after I have clicked and check if its good enough, I find a little hand in the picture edging towards the dish!

1tbs rose syrup
2tsps basil seeds/sabja
2cups milk
Rice vermicilli
Ice cream
Condensed milk to sweeten
Chopped nuts
1 cardamom

  • Basil seeds- soak in water till they swell. Drain after they are ready.
  • Vermicilli- cook in boiling water and drain.
  • Milk- boil and reduce to half, sweeten with condensed milk. Peel, and crush cardamom and add to the milk.
  • Jelly- scrape it with a fork, to get blobs.
  • Chill all the above before layering.
Some recipes for Falooda suggest mixing all the ingredients in the milk. I believe Falooda must be layered with all the chilled ingredients.
  1. Take a tall glass and pour in the rose syrup.
  2. Add the basil seeds.
  3. Layer the vermicilli.
  4. Add the jelly.
  5. Pour in the sweetened, flavoured milk.
  6. Top with scoops of ice-cream.
  7. Garnish with chopped nuts
Enjoy and Beat the Heat!

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  1. My goodness, this looks sooo addictive! Make me one big gigantic glass, will you? Thank you...thank you....

  2. This really looks delicious. What a fantastic treat. I can see why you're hooked.

  3. I can see why you're addicted to this. As soon as summer hits, I will definitely be making it.

  4. Mmm...Can I have a sip?? Looks really good.

  5. What romantic drink...looks very delicious and refreshing! This is going to be such a lovely drink when summer comes.

  6. it looks delicious!for a eastern european is a very interesting combination,i think is a real treat!

  7. That looks so good Shirley. I have a big bottle of rose syrup and I'm just waiting for it to get warm outside

  8. Good post.. I lovvvve falooda... Could you also post a Gadbud recipe sometime?

  9. Sounds so wonderful! I would love to try this treat!

  10. No fair, Shirley. You keep posting tempting foods for me to try. Good thing I bought a bottle of rose syrup this weekend. Now I have to find basil seeds.

  11. Wow, I love this kind of summer treat :-)

  12. Oh that sounds so good! What a cute presentation, too!

  13. Thats really a sweet way of beating the heat...Looks delicious! Edna

  14. Thank you everybody, for your kind comments!
    Will do a Gadbud soon. Stay tuned

  15. It's a really refreshing drink. We just don't have the other ingredients here.

  16. So sweet . I love that little hand in the photo. Bcoz that always happens to me ! :-) Will try this soon :-)



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